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ISO 20022 is a global standard for financial initiatives message communication. Stop isolating yourself and build an interoperable system from now on.



Building an interoperable payment ecosystem

ISO 20022 is essential in that it eliminates confusion, enforces a common interpretation by definition of financial language and being an Open Standard allows the expansion of its scope and reach using the same Universal dictionary. It helps generate more accurate exchange of meaning and even interpretation of words and language used for Financial Transaction Initiatives worldwide.

Expand your business into new markets, with access to the other network members.

Our enhanced messaging platform manages interactions between digital money institutions and other participants to minimize friction, increase speed and provide end-to-end transparency and predictability from one account to another anywhere in the world.

Platform flexibility and REST APIs enable ease of integration

Integrating with our RESTful API is seamless and quick. Our RESTful API offers a clean and easy to integrate solution using HTTP to obtain data and generate operations on those data in JSON format.

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API Integration

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