The LAB-VERSION specification refers to the NPPA and RTP. The content of the documents below are copies of the documents of NPPA and RTP . The documents are not currently used for commercial purposes, only for study and research.
ISO 20022 specification of RTP: https://www.theclearinghouse.org/payment-systems/rtp/technical-documentation
Copyright belongs to NPPA and RTP.

WalletsClub® RESTful API

The WalletsClub® API is organized around REST. Our API has predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs. ​


This document describes the messages api used within WalletsNet®, which is the only RESTful api currently.

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WalletsClub® QR Code standard

The WalletsClub® QR Code Standard has been designed to support a consistent user experience across a number of WalletsClub® use cases including e-commerce, invoices, terminals and P2P scenarios.​ The Standard builds on the EMV Merchant-Presented QR Code Specification for Payment Systems. This defines the mandatory elements required to help facilitate a consistent WalletsClub® payment experience for both static and dynamic QR Codes. ​

QR Code standard

1. QR Code standard based on EMV® QR Code Specification: Consumer-Presented Mode (Not supported currently)
2. QR Code standard based on EMV® QR Code Specification: Merchant-Presented Mode

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WalletsNet® Message Specifications

The Message Specifications define the structure and content of each message type that is supported within the WalletsNet® Network. Each document contains introductory information regarding the message type(s) included in the document, a definition of message structure, and detailed descriptions of each field within the subject message(s).

These documents are intended to be used by financial institutions or technology companies that plan to integrate their systems with the WalletsNet® network in order to take advantage of the broad benefits associated with sending and receiving WalletsNet® messages.

Business Application Header

This document describes the Business Application Header (BAH) used within all WalletsNet® messages. The Business Application Header facilitates the easy exchange of messages between network endpoints and the central WalletsNet® System.

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Administrative Messages

This document describes the Administration messages used within WalletsNet®, including both ISO 20022 standard messages and proprietary messages used for sign-on, sign-off, and echoes.

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Credit Transfer Message

This document describes the WalletsNet® Credit Transfer (pacs.008) message, the only WalletsNet® message that results in settlement of funds between financial institutions.

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Message Status Report

This document describes the Message Status Report (pacs.002) which is used to provide an immediate response and status for each WalletsNet® message. It also contains the list of acceptable reason codes that could be contained within a reject message.

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